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I Just Reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S III

2 years ago    


My review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was published on UltraLinx last night. I tried to take a different approach to this review, throwing all specs, numbers, figures and units out the window in favour of a review based solely on user experience. Here are a few of the conclusions I came to.

On the larger size:

The miniscule sacrifice for the much larger screen size which allows for better interaction is worth it.

On the smooth design - it really does seem to be something new on the market:

The design flows to connect the screen and back which makes for easier holding and, simply, a better feel.

On the screen which isn’t as good as the One X, but is beyond my Galaxy Nexus slightly:

The colours the screen produces are accurate and well saturated.

On Touchwiz as a whole (a whole which I would wholeheartedly destroy):

To sum up my thoughts on Touchwiz in two words, I would have to say: “Ruins Android.”

On Touchwiz Nature UX sounds, inspired by nature and designed¬†by¬†humans at Samsung, who don’t understand UX:

The only way I can think to describe it effectively enough is that it is like watching a novelty, comedic game of tennis in which the sound of each hit of the ball is replaced with a ridiculous alternative that has no place there.

On Smart Stay, which I was disappointed with (almost as much as the iPhone 5 - more about that in my next post):

Unfortunately, my experience with this particular feature was not as idyllic as the father’s depicted in Samsung’s ad. The phone didn’t even recognise my face.

And finally, me attempting to summarise in a balanced and fair way:

I was impressed with the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S III - notably the camera and screen - but found the software to be below par.

Remember to check out the full in-depth review on UltraLinx here.